Beautiful Hand-Painted Decorative Hanging Wind Chime In Metal

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Handcrafted & Hand-Painted

As this product is handcrafted there might be a slight color or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique.


‘Blue Jays In The Wind’ is a wind-chime, skilfully handcrafted in metal and moulded to the classical shape of a high arch, is home to a pair of happy little blue birds. They perch above three little yellow uniquely shaped bells and when the wind blows, they twirl in happiness while the bells jingle in sweet rhythms. The Blue Jay bird, in the spiritual realm, signifies clarity and vision while in animal symbolism, it resonates truth, faithfulness and solidarity; vigilant in tasks, it keeps the same mate for life, showcasing exemplary qualities of patience, endurance and loyalty. Brought to life with two delicately hand-painted Blue-Jay birds complete with minute feather details; from the interiors of India, this wind-chime is handcrafted with love to make the perfect art addition that livens up your favourite spaces.

– It can be used both as a wind chime as well as a decorative hanging.
– Beautiful Hand-Painting has been done on the bird couple & bells.
– Handcrafted in Metal.
– Hand-Painted in Multicolour.
– Comes in the following dimensions:
TOTAL: 5.7″ (L), 6.8″ (W), 16.1″ (H),
EACH BIRD: 6.8″ (L), 1.9″ (W), 3.9″ (H),
EACH BELL: 2.9″ (H), 1.1″ (DIA) Inch in size.
– It will make any space come alive with its rustic rhythms.


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