Beautiful Hand-Painted Parrots Tea-Light Holder In Sheesham Wood

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Handmade Along With Wooden Hand-Painted Parrots From Varanasi

  • As this product is handcrafted there might be a slight color or design variation, which is natural and hence makes the product unique.


Birds to us, have been a source of beauty, of melody, of the sun rising, of wanting to fly. Astonishingly beautiful and surprisingly smart, parakeets have always been delightful both as birds in the wild and companions to many in India. These mystical birds are also rumoured to be knowing what the future holds in a number of mythological tales. Floating around with stretched wingspans, these birds chirp loudly and call out the rising morning sun, marking the start of a new day.
Hand carved in wood, this tea light holder is brought alive by the beautiful parakeet hand painted by artisans from Varanasi. The bright colours to the subtle backdrop of the wood, this holder doubles up as a beautiful accessory for your table top or your favourite room corner shelf. The flame from the tea light reflects off the enamel of the parakeet adding a soft glow and some sparkle to the ambience.

– Used a tealight holder to brighten up home interiors.
– Handcrafted in Sheesham Wood.
– Parrots have been Hand-Painted beautifully in Multicolour.
– The tealight holder is hand-painted in brown.
– Comes in the following dimensions:
TOTAL: 3.5” (L), 3.5” (W), 1.7” (H),
PARROTS: 1.6” (L), 0.3” (W), 0.8” (H) Inches.
– It is a perfect piece to accentuate the beauty of every home.

When the sun rises over the Indian rain forests, there is a whole burst of life, nature and beauty. Hundreds of species of birds and animals speck the sparkling riverside and bring alive the green cover. Waking up to flocks of brightly coloured parrots chirping to the morning sun, squirrels running across gardens chasing each other, elephants draped in beautiful embellishments are a few specks of nostalgia associated with the fauna of the tropical subcontinent.

Celebrating the diverse beauty of Indian wildlife, this collection “Indian Safari” is inspired from a number of spectacular animals and birds that have been a part of life in India, for centuries. These products are hand carved in wood and hand painted by artisans from Varanasi who, with much skill have captured the essence of some of India’s most stunning animals and birds in compact forms with simple utility features for your favourite decor spaces. This collection is a tale of some of the most wondrous animal species, handmade with love, that brings home the colourful happiness of an Indian Safari.


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