Hand-Painted Decorative Hanging Bells Wind Chime In Metal & Wood

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TOTAL (L * W * H) = (7.0 * 1.5 * 21.7), EACH BIRD (L * W * H) = (3.3 * 0.2 * 2.4), EACH BELL (H * DIA) = (2.6 * 1.8) Inch

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Skilfully handcrafted and hand-painted in wood and metal by craftspeople from the interiors of India, ‘Clinkering Songbirds’ is a rustic decorative hanging wind-chime that captures the beauty of nature’s melodious treats for your favourite spaces and also doubles up as a beautiful art piece. Three wooden birds brightly hand-painted in yellow and oranges with delicate details are threaded together with seven handcrafted metal bells, hand painted in red, green tones and intricate patterns. This rustic Indian wind-chime, handcrafted with love, is finished with bold beads, bringing the soft essence of a bird’s melody when the birds twirl and the bells clinker with passing winds, tuning feel good rhythms that liven up any space.

– It can be used both as a wind chime as well as a decorative hanging.
– Comes with 3 multicoloured Birds & 7 twirling Bells which are stringed together using colourful beads.
– Beautiful Hand-Painting has been done on the birds, bells & beads.
– The birds have been handmade in wood while the bells have been handcrafted in metal.
– Hand-Painted in Multicolour.
– Comes in the following dimensions:
TOTAL: 7.0″ (L), 1.5″” (W), 21.7″ (H),
EACH BIRD: 3.3″ (L), 0.2″ (W), 2.4″ (H),
EACH BELL: 2.6″ (H), 1.8″ (DIA) Inch in size.
– It will make any space come alive with its rustic rhythms.

A new dawn is broken every morning when the golden-amber of the rising sun is accompanied by the melodious chitter-twitter of tens of thousands of birds, calling out to welcome a brand new day in all the hope, light and happiness. Large families of birds flying across the skies of a fresh beginning, chattering loudly in varied calls over a sleepy world, is probably one of nature’s most beautiful compositions. The melodies and tunes of the earth are like synchronized chords brought to life by happy birds in fluttery song!

Inspired from the music, colours and elements of birds in nature, ‘Sounds Of Nature’ is collection of wind-chimes and decorative hanging-charms in wood, metal and terracotta handcrafted by artisans from the interiors of India to bring some earthy goodness to your favourite spaces. Brightly hand painted wooden birds, beads; metal bells and terracotta decorative are all threaded together into simple hanging forms that double up as rueful art pieces as well. This range of chimes and charms is an Indian tale of nature, freedom and hope, handcrafted with love, to celebrate nature’s rustic tunes and birdie goodness.


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